Live GPS systems are installed in all Mobiles we can tell you
where they are anytime of the day there’s NO hiding with us.

A Mobile Billboards takes your message to the streets 
and helps you to actively pursue your market. 
Unlike other conventional media, mobile billboards are virtually unrestricted and 
know no bounds - we drive your message straight to your market, wherever it is! 
On the highway, at the beach, shopping centres, airports, the football, 
in the city, all in the same day if you choose, and nobody will miss it!
Your audience can be accurately targeted and your message effectively 
communicated without the wastage and confusion suffered by other forms 
of media. Take your message and put it right in the public's eye and firmly 
in their minds... Here there and everywhere.

   Right Place at the Right Time.


A Mobile Billboards have developed a list of high visibility parking 
locations in major suburban areas in which we operate, so that you 
can choose exactly where and when you want your message to be 
seen. Each location and movement of your billboard is logged and 
recorded, and each campaign photographed, to assist you in more 
effectively evaluating your campaign results at the end of the period.
Some of our Clients